Our Core Team

Providing you with Fast Trade & Procurement

HelloSME aims to create value for PPE buyers and sellers and enable them to scale through our FTP Ecosystem.

Based in Singapore, we are a technology company offering sourcing, procurement and payment solutions built on enterprise Blockchain technology that offers scalability, security and trackability to businesses.

Existing procurement processes are often time-consuming, and businesses also face other problems, such as being too paper-intensive, which leads to greater problems like misplacement of documents and more time spent by buyers and sellers to find them. This also impacts their productivity and cash flow management.

Therefore, the team wants to create a platform that will allow semiconductor buyers and sellers to transact with ease, confidence and trust, while solving their problems. This is led by our core team which is made up of a group of individuals with over 500 years of experiences added together in technology and digital solutions.

The FTP Core Team

Leslie Wong
CEO / CTO (interim)
30+ years in Sales and Marketing at Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific, IQmind, Sembawang Media, Westin Hotels & Resorts, DFS Group
Garphy Chang
Chief Product Marketing Officer
23+ years in IT, Printing and Manufacturing Industries at Hewlett Packard APAC & Taiwan, Agfa-Gevaert Taiwan and KEE Decorative Tech. China
Kris Leong
Administration Manager
25+ years in IT Industry at Hewlett Packard APAC - Commercial System Unit, PC Division, Solution Partner Org.
Khwab Sheth
Chief Blockchain Officer
14+ years experience in software development. Khwab has worked on 100 plus projects in various domains and technologies. His expertise is into Blockchain, AI, Analytics, Web and Mobile applications.
Rajkumar Tiwari
Technology Architect
5+ years of experience in Blockchain Development. Proficient in algorithms, data structures, cryptography, data security & dlt. Experience developing end-to-end blockchain ecosystem solutions & infrastructure.
Vijendra Patil
Head of Backend Technologies
Vijendra has strong knowledge of Backend Technologies and Data Science & Analytics. He leverages his strong technology skills to analyse huge amounts of data using various methodologies.
Shrishailya Deshmukh
UI Designer
Crafting effective solutions for the SME's through simple and interactive design. Responsible for 100 plus Web and Mobile UI/UX interfaces on various domains.
Rohan Mehta
Full-Stack Developer
Rohan is full stack developer. He has experience working on multiple web portals and progressive web apps.

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